Over the course of the last 10 years, the Frost Chaddock team has worked diligently to bring community-driven development to Silver Lake. Throughout this process, we have made several good faith efforts to build consensus around this project, including implementing significant design changes gathered from the community, providing additional amenities at the community’s request, providing the Silverlake Conservatory the opportunity to purchase the site, and, more recently, developing plans for a hotel on the 4000 Sunset site.

We are moving full speed ahead on our project as currently planned: a 94 room hotel at 4000 Sunset and the mixed-use projects at 4100 and 4311 Sunset, with 199 units, 18 low-income units and ground-floor retail and restaurant space. We continue to believe this project is the fastest and most certain way to bring much needed housing and additional exciting retail and commercial opportunities to the Silver Lake community. We are awaiting our Final Environmental Impact Report from the City and look forward to completing the final planning process, but we can’t do it without your help!

Add your info below and we’ll keep you posted on how you can be a part of bringing this exciting project to Silver Lake!


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